…is some sort of IT professional. Originally from Edmonton, North London (now charmingly known as ‘Shanktown‘), he currently lives in the middle-class haven of Bishops Stortford, where he poses as a Champagne Socialist. He met Kev while at the Latymer School, Edmonton, and they have remained distant acquaintances ever since. Steve also believes he is a musician and has written and recorded a number of pieces, available on his SoundCloud page. He enjoys reading George Orwell, is completely unashamed about admitting he likes Emerson, Lake & Palmer, eats Marmite and is endlessly boasting about being “a vegetarian for 30 years, you know”.


…is far posher than Steve, having grown up in Enfield, Edmonton’s less shanky neighbour. He likes cheese, Jean Seberg and proper music. He has his own website and writes gloomy poetry, short stories and lyrics for songs Steve has never quite got round to recording. He wants the world to be a better, kinder place and used to think socialism would make that happen. These days, he’s a left-libertarian with alarmingly conservative tendencies and just wishes we could sort it all out and get on with drinking whiskey, laughing, loving and watching Spurs disappoint us. He’s really not sure about vegetarianism.

Sad Paradise is a brand new venture that emerged from Messenger conversations we’d been having, in which we found ourselves trying to make sense of a political world that feels less and less certain and more and more fragmented. In the process, we hope it’ll be entertaining, thought-provoking and occasionally funny. Let us know what you like and what you don’t.