The Len Price 3: Kentish Longtails

We’re all a bit cross

The Len Price 3 deliver a cracking mix of punky power pop, mod and a fair amount of anger on this, their fifth, long player, bringing the sound of the Medway to your home. Kicking off with a diatribe against Billy Childish and writers of reviews generally (not the last time music reviewers cop for some anger) Childish Words gets the album off to a cracking start,. The fact that the tune is well and truly wedged in my brain after only a couple of listens is a good sign!

Sucking the Life Out of Me retains the anger quotient but the pace eases off a little, and we then get a jangling beauty of a song — You Can’t Say Goodbye — replacing the bile with a good measure of pathos. The impressive backing vocals from Neil Fromow are highlighted here, and feature throughout the album. Things in the lyric department look up for the gentler love song Telegraph Hill and we get some enjoyable reminiscing on Saturday Morning Film Show . Whatever did happen to the Children’s Film Foundation?

Then back to the anger with Nothing I Want

I’d like to take your stuff, ram it down your throat,
With your plasma screen telly and your UKIP vote.

Yep. We all know one of those.

Then we’re hit with a brief moment of surrealism on Pocketful of Watches. This gentle sixties-styled track, with it’s ba, ba, ba’s, lulls you into a false sense of security before we launch into the very angry, Ride On Coattails. ”I’ve had enough of it” spits singer and guitarist Glenn Page.

Meaningless Mouth takes issue with the “art” of lip synching and fake, manufactured, X-Factor style “pop stars” and I have no idea what Lisa Baker did to piss them off, but she’s apparently their “Poundland Valentine”. Stop Start Lilly really reminds me of early Who and this is followed by the sing-a-long Paint Your Picture Well. If You See What I See demonstrates the great drumming of Neil Fromow, and we then reach the end of the listed tracks with Man In The Woods. Definitely a good track to showcase for the album and the band have released this video for it;

After a short break we have the obligatory “hidden” track; a rather splendid punky pub-rock style tune all about things we don’t need, apparently titled, after a root around the internet, Sally Ann.

This is a great album. If you enjoy The Who, The Jam and The Kinks, you’ll be very happy. I’m conscious I’ll get a slap from the band for that very lazy comparison…

You dribble words on the printed page,
You kiss me off with the faintest of praise,
I’ve had enough of it.

Redemption hopefully comes with a 5/5

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